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Therapy for anxiety and depression


Even chronic anxiety and depression can be healed.

You can overcome anxiety and depression.

With a holistic approach, drawing on your own strengths and resources, it is possible to overcome these "Wild Moods."

I've seen people make tremendous leaps in creating lives free of these moods, lives more stable, rich, related and joyful. Although anxiety and depression may have weighed down your life and dreams till now, you can make deep and permanent changes.

Have you struggled in your life with anxiety and depression?

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, these symptoms and experiences are likely to be very familiar. You perhaps have had them for much of the recent past, or maybe they have been with you off and on for much of your life. But you've reached a point of wanting to be done with them, to create a different life.

If you are looking for help in deepening your effectiveness in managing and eventually uprooting your anxiety and depression, I want you to know both are very possible.

Are you one who wants to make deep, lasting changes?

My passion is to help others learn to both skillfully manage anxiety and depression, as well as to uncover the wisdom that is hiding out in the shadows of what may seem like pointless moods. When one learns to keep from being overwhelmed by these moods, then deeper wisdom arises, and it becomes possible to make fundamental changes in your life.

You can have day-to-day joy, not just moment-to-moment survival, even when you suffer from depression and anxiety!

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Phone: (415) 937-1620
Email: martycooper@mlcooper.com