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Depression and Anxiety Therapy for anxiety and depression

Depression and anxiety often have many roots, but therapy is the process of pulling those roots out.

By recognizing that therapy needs to look at body and mind and heart, these wild moods can actually be tamed.

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

You may:

  • Have a pervasive sadness, despair or negativity about your life and feel a general sense of apprehension;
  • Avoid situations that need to be dealt with;
  • Feel a sense of disconnection or alienation;
  • Experience disinterest or have difficulty finding motivation and enthusiasm;
  • Struggle with tiredness/fatigue, or a sense of pervasiveness heaviness;
  • Experience a chronic physical dis-ease;
  • Experience panic attacks, where you feel a sense of impending doom, a racing heart, a sense of being trapped, and a deep desire to flee.
  • Have thoughts of suicide.

The Experience of Anxiety and Depression

You have likely been through times when it feels like you're trudging through thick mud, when it takes energy to just move. Doing basic chores, and even just being with people, can be painfully hard, if not overwhelming. And on top of all that, you may sometimes still find yourself questioning everything, constantly wondering if you're making the wrong decision, or fearing some unforeseen catastrophe.

You have worked hard...

You have struggled with these experiences throughout your life, and perhaps have learned about avoiding negative thinking, paying attention to diet and sleep, maybe even understanding some of origins of your anxiety and depression.

And yet…despite your best efforts you have seen your old depressing mindset and anxiety return. You still find that you get down too much, too intensely, and too painfully. It can be pretty discouraging…