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"Calm, Strong, and Motivated: Using Resource Tapping
to find your inner strengths"

Sunday, June 29th, 10-11am
4831 Geary Blvd., San Francisco

(although free, please RSVP as space is limited)

This workshop is an introduction to “Resource Tapping,” an EMDR-related technique that teaches you to quickly access and strengthen the resources that already exist within you. Unlike EMDR, which addresses the resolution of trauma and is only done by a trained clinician, Resource Tapping can be learned and practiced by virtually anyone, anywhere. Through the use of imagery and light self-tapping on your body, you can learn to evoke useful states (calm, safety, contentment, productivity) as and when needed.

For example, imagine that you have to give a speech in front of your colleagues. You’re feeling anxious and unfocused, thinking of all those expectant faces. Instead of white-knuckling it through the process, you can use Resource Tapping to call up a time when you did feel confident and safe, and strengthen that with the tapping. The effect can be remarkable, both that you can so quickly shift your mood, and that the resources are coming only from within you.

“Strong, calm and motivated” will be a safe and focused place to learn this remarkable technique. There will be time to learn and practice the technique itself, and then time to discuss the experiences and any questions that arise.

For more information on Resource Tapping, see Dr. Laurel Parnell's book, Tapping In, by clicking here.

If you are interested, please RSVP to:

Phone: (415) 835-2162
Email: martycooper@mlcooper.com



Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression
An 8 week course teaching skills in the prevention of relapse

(The next class will begin towards the end of summer, 2008--
exact date TBA--please email if you'd like to be contacted
when it is scheduled, or for more information)

What is (MBCT)?

MBCT is a combination of mindfulness meditation practice and “thought-noticing” techniques derived from cognitive therapy. Both emphasize a stance of curiosity and acceptance, a way of watching ones own experience that helps short circuit the tendency to ruminate on depression, a tendency that gives depression its heavy, “stuck” quality.

Who will benefit from MCBT?

MBCT is designed to help those who:

  • Are not currently experiencing a major depressive episode.
  • Have had a history of several episodes of major depression.
  • Struggle with the negative thought patterns that contribute to the depressive relapse.

Research has shown that those who have experienced one major depression have a 50% chance of suffering another, with the rate increasing to 70-80% for those who have had 2 or more episodes.

MBCT was created to address this high chance of relapse that exists for those suffering from chronic major depression. Studies have shown that after the 8 week course, participants in an MBCT class suffered relapse at about half the expected rate.
  Click here for links concerning MBCT and its usefulness.

This class will help you:

  • Learn, through direct experience, about the workings of your mind and your particular vulnerabilities to depression.
  • To notice when you are getting caught in old thoughts, and practice ways of releasing yourself from these habits.
  • To practice a different way of relating to yourself and the world.
  • Learn to let go of the struggle or combat with oneself that contributes to and sustains depression.
  • To practice acceptance of one’s self and the world, rather than judgment/despair and self-criticism.
  • Learn to notice and savor the small moments of pleasure which typically are clouded by depression.


All prospective members will meet with myself for a free phone consultation, to clarify the course requirments and challenges, and to answer any questions one might have.  The course is limited to 12 members. 

Please call (415) 835-2162, or Nestor at (415) 933-3961.


The course fee is $320, plus $30 materials fee (cd's and book).

Please call (415) 835-2162, or (415) 933-3961 to register or for more information.


Following you will find links to various sites which discuss or report studies on the usefulness of MBCT:

1) Here is a report on a study conducted with 145 MBCT students, showing decreased relapse in those with a history of three or more major depressions, persons reporting a greater ability to see their depression from a "decentered" (i.e., more objective) point of view:




2) Here are a few general articles discussing ways of understanding the usefulness of mindfulness practice: