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Holistic Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


My goal is to help you to live a more joyful, accepting life, with less time lost to anxiety and depression, and more time gained for living.

My Approach

We will work with a holistic set of skills, from breathing techniques, applied mindfulness/meditation practice, to learning to track your thoughts objectively. We'll also examine exercise and diet, and explore the possibly appropriateness of medication/ supplements.

The result of practicing these skills is the decrease in the amount of time spent in painful moods, developing instead a deeper feeling of safety, connection and "ok-ness" in your life. And then when you do find yourself feeling anxious or depressed, you will be able to manage these feelings so that they stay contained, rather than dominate the rest of your life.

My approach to therapy takes into account these two fields—skill building and insight—abilities that can move you towards not just less depression/anxiety (as great as that is!), but also into learning to more deeply accept whatever experience comes to you without adding the pain of struggling to make the experience go away.

If spiritual teachers are in agreement about anything, it's that when people fight reality, reality always win.

Why I Can Help

My own experience with depression and anxiety, as well as my mindfulness meditation (vipassana) practice, has shown me what works, and what doesn't, in overcoming anxiety and depression.

I initially started spiritual practice to deal with my own experience of the painful disconnections from life and vitality that is depression and anxiety. Having been helped by both psychotherapy and spiritual practice, my passion is to help others learn to both skillfully manage anxiety and depression, and to uncover the wisdom that is hiding out in the shadows of these wild moods.