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Depression and Anxiety

Research on Depression and Anxiety

Therapy for anxiety and depression

Research shows that anxiety and depression are big problems, but with therapy research also shows that there can be big changes.

The Research

Even if you've experienced depression and/or anxiety during your life, the statistics may be surprising: in a given year, in the U.S., 18% suffer from an anxiety condition, 9.5% from major depression, and 1.5% for dysthymia (milder, ongoing depression). Yet depression and anxiety are in the culture often seen as failings in the character (or even morality) of the depressed/anxious person. This is simply untrue.

Research shows that depression and anxiety are both complex experiences, involving varying elements of biological/genetic predisposition, the circumstances of one's life, and internal psychological issues.

Research also demonstrates that untreated depression and anxiety can become chronic, with major episodes being triggered by smaller and smaller events, or even nothing discernible. At worst, without help, both can lethal.

The Results

But the researchers also tell us that with the right treatment, you can find relief from the symptoms. The pain of these disorders can be alleviated, and in time the roots of the pain can be discovered, understood, and removed.

The result of this work is deeper self-mastery, greater self-knowledge, and wider calm and joy.