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Goals of Therapy


The goal of therapy?

Simply put, a fuller life.

Have you ever had the sense that your experiences of anxiety and depression have something valuable to teach you?

Imagine what your life would be like if...

A life without chronic depression/anxiety means that you do not fall back into the abyss. Your days are filled with much more intimacy and positivity, towards yourself, your co-workers, your loved ones, and just life in general.

Depressed and anxious states may come, but you have learned to let them go (this happens because you've learned the skill of not fighting your emotions). You spot the warning flags much sooner than you used to. You know more thoroughly what these flags are signaling, and know what to do in order to avoid the danger.

This change means that you have learned the strange fact that depression/anxiety can be accepted without animosity, and that when you do accept, and don't struggle, you actually are able to prevent spiraling down. You don't get sucked in anymore, and all that energy that used to go towards fighting the whirlpools of depression/anxiety, now go into creativity, work, and loving others. Which makes life feel a lot more worth living.

Life becomes full of feeling and meaning; you are energized and actually enjoy the people around you. Then, when difficulties come, you surf rather than sink.