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The effort you put into your work on depression and anxiety will yield unanticipated rewards.

The value of a life free from these wild moods is beyond calculation.


The primary focus of my psychotherapy practice is on the distinct needs and challengs of individuals who have struggled with depression and anxiety in their lives and are wanting help to substantially uproot these wild moods.

Length of sessions:

Sessions are 50 minutes long. In some cases, depending on your needs, we can arrange to meet for longer sessions, or for multiple sessions during the week, if we decided together that that would be important and helpful.

Length of therapy:

The length of our work together will be a question we revisit over time, and depends both on what your goals are, as well as how deep the "roots" of the depression and anxiety go. Therapy, ironically, is most efficient when we allow it to happen, rather than try to make it happen, so healing is defined by the wound, not by our own ideas about timeline. That said, it is true that in our working together, we'll be able to see fairly soon how deep of a change is required for your healing, and then have a general sense of how long it is likely to take.

Office Location:

My office is located in the Inner Richmond district, near Park Presidio and Geary in the Inner Richmond district (click here for map).

Parking is free and plentiful throughout the day, and the office is easily accessible from both North and South Bay (along 19th Ave. and Park Presidio), as well as several public bus lines.


I accept payment in the form of cash, checks, major credit cards, and Paypal.

About Insurance:

Most insurance companies will reimburse their members a percentage of the cost of psychotherapy (your company can provide you the exact details), and I'm happy to provide documentation/statements that you can submit to your company. I do not, however, bill the company directly.

In my practice, I do not contract with any insurance company panels, or with Medi-Cal/Medicare. As important as these services are, in relation to psychotherapy, they impose great restrictions on how, how often, and in what way we're allowed to work. My experience has been that instead the of therapy being under our control, it is essentially controlled by the insurance company. When the focus of therapy is an ongoing anxiety and depression, which which by nature requires more time and deeper attention, the insurance companies' priorities can be quite an unhelpful mismatch.

Also, since insurance companies have a right to review patient information, confidentiality is a real issue, as well as potential impacts on attempts to purchase future coverage. Psychotherapy requires you to feel safe to share and work through whatever needs to come out, and knowing that a third party is watching over our shoulders can seriously compromise that.

For those reasons I do not deal with insurance companies directly or work on panels, but as I said, if you choose to bill your company for an "out of network" provider, I'm happy to provide to you a statement of services.


For more information about fees, hours, available appointment times, please call:

(415) 937-1620,
or email: martycooper@mlcooper.com.