How do I know if I can benefit from your services?

In addition to overcoming my own struggles with anxiety and depression, I’m highly trained and experienced in helping people overcome these debilitating problems.

I’ve developed a methodology that has helped many of my clients go well beyond managing their symptoms of depression and anxiety. I know what it takes to overcome these struggles and I gently guide my clients through a customized process that will work for their specific problems.

My ultimate goal is to help my clients break through the cyclical nature of anxiety and depression and to help them heal to the point that they become symptom-free.

Do you only help clients who have anxiety or depression?

Although most of my clients come to me wanting relief from anxiety and depression, they also have struggles with work, relationships, grief, life transitions, traumatic events, and self-esteem.

I help clients let go of anything that is not serving them in their lives, so they become more self-accepting, self-confident and feel free to enjoy their lives.

What happens in the free, 15-minute phone consultation?

You will sketch for me the current state and history of what you are wanting to work on in therapy, and I will then tell you how I might be of help you. If we decide to work together, I will then explain the logistics (location, fees, etc.) of working together and we will book your first appointment.  You can book your 15-minute phone consultation here.

How long does it take before I feel better?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Part of our early work will be exploring this question so that we understand what your unique issues are and what will be required for healing to occur.

Aside from the quality of what you are wanting to work on, the most important factor in effective therapy is your own commitment to the process, to doing the often hard work of exploring the problem, encountering the pain in that problem, and holding trust that positive change can happen. The reward for this commitment is a therapy that actually yields deep healing and change.

How long are therapy sessions?

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length. Usually my clients see me for weekly meetings. If it will be beneficial to have more extended or more frequent sessions, we will discuss this when we begin working together.

Do you take insurance?

While I do not bill for insurance directly, many insurance companies will reimburse you for at least part of the cost of therapy. In this case, I will provide a superbill for you to submit directly to your company.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept most forms of payment – cash, checks, credit cards, EFT, Venmo, and Pay Pal.

Where is your therapy office located?

My office is located in the inner Richmond district of San Francisco (map).

How do I book my first counseling session?

We’ll first talk by phone to see whether we might be a good fit, and if so, we’ll determine a good time to meet for our first session. You can phone or email me.