Have you struggled with anxiety and depression for far too long?

You CAN overcome your wild moods and feel calmer and happier.

Counseling can bring profound and lasting change. When you feel anxious or depressed the world is a dismal place, you may worry and fret all the time.  You might have an overwhelming feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Perhaps you lack the motivation to do anything and feel like a big dark cloud is holding you down.

The good news is you’re not alone.

Anxiety and depression don’t have to weigh down your life.

When you heal the root-cause of your anxious and depressive thoughts, you’ll be free to have the life you’ve always wanted. A life where you feel lighter, happier, and have more energy. A life where you feel calmer, sleep peacefully, and are worry-free. A life where you’re free to be you – with greater self-worth and self-confidence.

With my help as your counselor and your willingness to have a better life, you can heal anxiety and depression. You can live the life you’ve always longed for.

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Meet Marty L. Cooper, PhD, MFT

My passion is to help you heal anxiety and depression. You can discover, in the shadows of your troubling moods, a better life.

I also know firsthand what it’s like to suffer from depression. After struggling for years thinking I’d never live a healthy fulfilling life, I healed the root-cause of my depression. I’m grateful every day that I now live my life fully.

I’ve been helping people overcome anxious and depressive thoughts for over 15 years.

I’m caring and compassionate, and my therapy does much more than symptom management…

I help you work towards permanent change.

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