Cognitive Behavioral Therapy San Francisco

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is part of an integrated approach in helping you heal from your wild moods. It helps you identify and challenge painful, limiting thoughts, and replace them with more accurate and positive ones.

Negative thoughts breed negative moods

In using CBT, we focus in on how your thoughts trigger experiences of depression and anxiety. Your mood is very responsive to thoughts; if you are constantly thinking negatively about yourself and your life, then this will be reflected in your mood.

Research in CBT has been shown to be very effective in alleviating even the most intense depression and anxiety. CBT takes apart old habits of thought, and helps you create healthier ones. Over time, these more positive thoughts re-wire your brain and eventually become permanent.

When you consciously shift your thinking in a more positive direction, you stop triggering the depression and anxiety and feel more in control of your inner life. When you feel happier and more optimistic, your outer life also becomes much easier.

CBT combined with Mindfulness Practice

When CBT is undergirded by mindfulness practice, it becomes even more powerful. CBT’s emphasis on re-wiring the brain in creating more buoyant thoughts, when coupled with mindfulness practice’s focus on letting go and accepting, calms your moods and brings about a more vibrant life.

You will then have a life that is likely beyond what you believed was possible.

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