My Therapy Approach to Healing and Change

To heal anxiety and depression, you need to increase your ability to stay balanced (to deal with the “wildness” of your intense moods). With that balance you obtain the strength and confidence to turn towards the pain that underlies anxiety and depression so that you can start the healing process.

Therapy helps you go beyond coping with your distress, worries and fears  It aims to pull them up by the roots until they resolve.

Through therapy, you can decrease the amount of time spent in troubling and painful moods, change beliefs and old pains, and unlock disturbing memories and experiences that are stuck in the brain causing you distress.

My therapy methods are evidenced-based and effective. They include mindfulness/self-reflection, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR Therapy. Together, we’ll work on increasing your insight and understanding, and build new skills and experiences in a safe, warm, and collaborative relationship.

Although depression and anxiety share similar natures, qualities, and dynamics, they are experienced in a unique way, through who you are.

Our focus is to understand your unique reality, history, and set desirable and realistic goals.

The most important element in healing is you. Therefore, any therapy approach we use will be customized to your experiences, personality, needs and desires.

My approach offers more than simply reducing or eliminating your depression or anxiety (as great as that is!). I help you accept whatever challenging experiences come to you in the future.

When you are able to accept the hurdles life puts in front of you, you will have more energy and strength to solve problems as they arise.

If wise people are in agreement about anything, it’s that when we fight reality, reality always win.

Why I Can Help with Anxiety and Depression

My own experience with depression and anxiety, from relatively early in childhood, led me on an unavoidable journey to find out—often more through trial and error than through rigorous method—what would help me be free of my wild and troubling moods.

Through a lot of false starts and cul-de-sacs (you can see a map of this path in this article), I’ve come to see that there is actually a healing to depression and anxiety, that is about more than only coping (as vital as that is), and which does actually lead to resolution.

So, with my own history with wild moods, my training and experience as a therapist, and a long-time practice of vipassana (mindfulness) meditation, I’ve helped individuals for more than a decade. I’ve helped them find their way out of the stuckness of depression and anxiety, and to uncover the wisdom that is hiding in the shadows of their wild moods.

With my expertise as an anxiety and depression therapist, I’m confident that I can help you. I know you might be skeptical that you can heal, but if I and hundreds of my clients can, I know you can too.

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